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Adebua Babatunde Ph.D
Adebua Babatunde Ph.D
Head of Department



I welcome you wholeheartedly to the Department of Languages and Literary Studies, Babcock University, where possibilities have no bounds. We operate as a family, within the ambit of Christian values, and our devotion to duty is exemplary.Needless to assure you, judging by the principles upon which the institution is founded, that your dreams of coming to this department will be met as long as you play by the rules and exhibit a high level of discipline, diligence and the fear of God.  We parade an array of qualified, diligent and God-fearing faculty members and staff, who are ever so willing to make your tedious journey into the world of undergraduate and postgraduate studies a pleasant and remarkable experience.

You have chosen a department where you will be trained to be well grounded in several areas of language as well as in the field of literature (English or French). Our department is a laboratory where the language is given its pride of place in the hands of experts and literature is cultured and nurtured in the minds of the enthusiastic students. You will be exposed to the rich diversity of literature across the globe as well as the various research tools that make the study of English a pleasurable one.

The wayfarer may perceive the journey as tedious and lengthy but the beckoning crown becomes the oil that lubricates the wheel for the one that perseveres and remains faithful till the end. Once again Bien venu and welcome!

The objectives of the department are to:

· to make the study of languages more utilitarian to match the demands and sophistication of contemporary society.

· to produce students who have acquired proficiency in the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

· to produce students who are well grounded in advanced linguistic and literary modes of analysis and interpretation.

· to introduce our students to the rich diversity of literature written in English and French, both locally and globally.

· to stimulate and encourage our students to become creative speakers, writers and teachers of English and French Languages.

. to enable our students become aware of the moral and spiritual values inherent in great literary

. to foster an understanding of our history and culture, and our contemporary reality as an African society in transformation.

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The Languages and Literary Studies department’s philosophy is premised on our firm resolve to produce well-rounded graduates in language and literature with a strong desire to make a significant mark in the larger society through their knowledge, consciousness of God and service to humanity.

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