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Hey Future Trailblazers! Ready to ignite your career journey?  Babcock Entrepreneurship Development Centre is thrilled to announce the kick-off for our 2024 courses in partnership with Interplay Africa. 📚 Whether you're diving into the world of electrical expertise, plumbing mastery, or exploring the ever-evolving field of HVAC, we've got your pathway to success covered! 🛠️ 


Join us on this educational adventure - where innovation meets real-world skills!  Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace extraordinary opportunities?  


📢 Registration is NOW OPEN! Secure your spot for an immersive learning experience that will shape your future. Don't just dream it, achieve it with and Babcock & Interplay Learning! 🎓 


Ready to shine? 🌟 Get a 10% discounts for the first 100 students to register. Let's embark on this transformative journey together! www.interplayafrica.com/babcock