MADUKOMA Ezinwanyi (SL)
MADUKOMA Ezinwanyi (SL)
Head of Department



Through skillful teaching, innovative research and a dedicated faculty, the Department of Information Resources Management aims to contribute to the development of the Nigerian society by empowering people for effective information management and use


Information and it’s effective communication and use are vital activities within all areas of government, commerce, industries and social life. The growing demand for individuals with specialized skills to manage information resources efficiently and effectively, coupled with global happening in the information field with accelerating information and communication technologies have been prominent factors driving the need for Information Resources Management in Babcock University. The selectivity and screening of information have become very crucial in today’s information environment where information overload has become a constant burden. Our mission is to produce professionals with a firm grasp of the principles of information retrieval, information technology and management, as well as individuals who are cognizant of the changing information environment and able to function effectively in them.


i.   To prepare men and women for positions of responsibility in the profession of information resources management.

ii.  To inculcate knowledge and skills needed by the students for information resources management work.


  1. To carry out scholarly study and research that advances the knowledge base of information resources management
  2. To disseminate the output of research and scholarship to academic and professional communities in the field of Information Resources Management.


1. To contribute to the development of the community at large through the dissemination of research and scholarship

2. To support the profession of Information Resources Management through consultancy services, leadership and continuing education

3. To participate in the collegial administration of Babcock University


In keeping with the mission of Babcock University, the goal of this program is to train individuals for professional service in information service delivery in all areas of public, business, industrial and social life.

Specific objectives are to:

1. Provide students with a broad background of business operation, procedures and culture applicable to a career in an e-environment.

2. Equip students with sufficient technical knowledge to play a key management role in an IT related information resources environment.

3. Develop both personal and inter-personal skills to enable the students to work closely and communicate with employees in non-IT related areas of an organization.

4.  Promote a critical awareness and professional skills the management of information resources.

5.  Develop professional skills in the selectivity and screening of information in the field of Information Resources Management.

6. Generally to train students who will be innovative in finding ways to organize, store and retrieve information using modern technologies to promote organizational efficiency and effectiveness.



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Advances in information technology and the radical changes it engenders in the workplace have compelled organizational leaders to recognize information as a valuable resource comparable with capital, equipment, staff and mineral resources. The need for highly-skilled manpower who can effectively manage data, information and knowledge using existing and emerging communication technologies is intensified as our contemporary society gradually transforms into a knowledge- driven society. The relatively new discipline of Information Resources Management (IRM) is designed to meet this need.

The IRM curriculum is unique in Nigeria. The program is aimed at producing graduates who can manage information and information technology ethically, and professionally to meet the needs of end users in various organizational contexts. The information manager is versed in information systems analysis and design, database design and web design. He understands the principles and practices of records/archives management, knowledge management as well as modern management techniques.

The multidisciplinary nature of the program gives students wider employment opportunities across sectors of the economy. Graduates of Information Resources Management can work as digital librarians, web masters, information consultants, database designers, curators, records managers, health information managers and knowledge managers in a various information environments like the library, publishing houses, banks, museums, medical and health institutions, records offices, archives, broadcasting organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), law firms, telecommunication companies as well as international organizations.


Information resource management
Information Resource Management

Candidates seeking admission into the undergraduate program of the Department of Information Resources Management must possess at least 5 “O” Level credits in at most two sittings.  A credit in English Language and Mathematics is compulsory. Prospective candidates to Babcock University must sit and pass the university entrance (written and oral) examinations.