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Michael A. Popoola PhDMichael A. Popoola PhD

Message from the Department of History and International Studies.

Greetings from the Department of History and International Studies. The Department offers to students, a variety of courses in history and international relations with the aim of inculcating in them a high sense of judgement and discernment in the management of human affairs and the ability to translate challenges to opportunities. The knowledge of the fact that we are preparing our students for leadership positions in the future informs our devotion to holistic training, which involves a blend of moral discipline with academics. This is done to ensure that we turn out graduates that are courteous, cultured and disciplined men and women of integrity which our society needs.   

In order to broaden the horizon of our students and give them an edge in the labour market which is becoming increasingly competitive, we expose them to field experience within and outside Africa. Apart from giving them the practical dimension of some of the knowledge acquired in the classroom, the visits to international organisations and historical monuments in other countries help our students to get acquainted with the cultures and people of other clime. This undoubtedly goes a long way to prepare them for their future roles as seasoned administrators and diplomats.

The Department of History and International studies also offers postgraduate programmes in History and International Studies as well as Masters Degree in Diplomatic Studies. With this, our undergraduate students have the assurance of moving beyond the Bachelor degree without much ado. Our crop of intellectually cerebral and dedicated faculties are always prepared to make your stay in Babcock University a unique experience. You are welcome to join the most student friendly Department at Babcock University.


Michael A. Popoola Ph.D

HOD, Department of History and International Studies.



The teaching of History and International Studies at Babcock University would aim at:

i.          Giving students a thorough understanding of Nigerian history and historiography in the context of African history and historiography.

ii.         Educating students on historical movements of global importance and international forces in the development of Africa to enable them to acquire better knowledge of the world.

iii.       Developing a sense of commitment and capacity in students to consciously relate to these movements and forces in such a way that Nigerian and African unity, independence and prosperity can be achieved.

iv.        Providing the students with the advantages usually associated with historical training, viz: critical and analytical faculty and balanced judgement needed particularly in administrative and managerial responsibilities both in governmental and non-governmental agencies at home and abroad.

v.         Stimulating in students an appreciation of International Relations theories and other tools of analysis and to develop in them the ability  to apply their international relations theory, analytical tools, knowledge and skills to the solution of international problems, and create in them a desire for further studies in History and International Relations.


Note:   To achieve these objectives, the Department draws on the expertise of relevant disciplines in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences to explain the historical forces and developments with which they deal.


A.        The normal period for an honours degree shall be eight (8) Semesters

B.        The basis for determining the class of mark and class of degree shall be the cumulative grade point average system.

Admission Requirements


A.        The candidate must possess 5(five) credits in SSCE Examination (or its equivalent) including English and History/Government

B.        Prospective candidates to Babcock University must sit and pass the University entrance (written and oral) examination