SCHOOL OF Education And Humanities

Department of General Education Studies

Comfort A. Oyinloye Ph.DComfort A. Oyinloye Ph.D

The Department has been operating within the School of Education and Humanities to train competent and dedicated student teachers in the spirit of the national goals and objectives regarding the human resource needs of the nation. The Department in conjunction with other Departments in the School of Education and Humanities and other cognate Departments in the University has been involved in the conduct, promotion and dissemination of research that are relevant to the development of education and the nation in general. Through organization of summer classes, seminars, workshops and conferences, the Department has engaged in projecting the image of the University nationally and internationally.

All the programmes mounted in the Department are aimed at training and producing

professionally competent teachers for the secondary schools and other educational institutions as well as making them trainable for administrative responsibilities within and outside the school system.

The Department provides all-round education in the following areas:

-        processes of teaching and learning

-        understanding the child

-        understanding the origin and nature of society and the place of the human element in it

-        understanding the origin, nature and dynamics of knowledge

-        Education of learning outcomes.

The cognate Departments assist the Department in teaching specialized courses like English, Economics and Business courses. The Department equally assists other Departments in the school and in other cognate Departments in the University to teach the General Education Studies (GEDS) courses.


A reputable Department that produces knowledgeable, skillful, dynamic and value – driven 21st century teachers /Guidance Counselors/ Educational Managers & Planners/ Business Educators/ Office Technology Managers who can match their peers nationally and internationally.


Providing academically sound and professionally relevant programmes and training for teachers/ Teacher Educators/ Guidance Counselors/ Educational Managers & Planners/ Business Educators/ Office Technology Managers who are grounded in the modern techniques of the 21st century educational processes who have the fear of God accompanied with integrity.


Realizing the pivotal role of teacher education in the overall development of the individuals, nations and humanity in general, the Department of Education is conceived as an academic unit devoted to the pursuit of excellence in research, teaching, learning and community service for the production of sound, committed and dynamics teachers and teacher educators/guidance counselors who can effectively respond to the challenges of Education in their immediate community, nation and the world at large.


The aim of the Department of Education is the production of teachers, teacher educators and guidance counselors who can effectively respond to the teaching, training and research challenges of the 21st century educational system.

To achieve this goal, the specific objectives of the Department are;

1.     Equipping the students with appropriate pedagogical skills and competencies needed for handling various school subjects with Christ mind as one to give an account to the Master Teacher who is Jesus Christ.

2.     Collaborating with cognate departments for the acquisition of relevant skills, knowledge and other forms of competencies needed for the production of quality teachers for the Nigerian educational system to produce soldiers for Christ.

3.     Supporting governmental and non – governmental agencies in providing capacity building and research services for the enhancement of educational quality in Nigeria.

Admission Requirements