Benjamin Carson School of Medicine

Department of BIOCHEMISTRY


The Department of Biochemistry is a faith-based department that ensures the flowering of young scientists within and outside Nigeria. The mission of the department is to harness wealth of knowledge within the circuit of erudite faculty members in the training of BSc., MSc., PhD, MBBS and allied health-related science students. Some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats have been broadly highlighted in this document. The strategic focus of the department is to ensure that all faculty and staff are well qualified and certified to accomplish the mission & vision of the Department; to grow expertise in Clinical Biochemistry, Toxicology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology/Industrial Biochemistry; to strengthen the expertise in Human Nutritional Biochemistry and Phytomedicine Research; to develop a competitive curriculum that could attract more postgraduate (PG) students from home and abroad; to boost the image of the Department viz-a-viz the University within the local and international community; facilitate collaboration and linkage with reputable institutions within and outside Nigeria; and to acquire more offices, classrooms and laboratory spaces as well as teaching aids. In view of these goals, a number of internal and external risks exist as enumerated in the later part of this strategic plan. We trust in God to make these projections a reality


First class faith based department that ensures the flowering of human capacities in Nigeria and the world at large.


The mission of the Department of Biochemistry is to provide the highest quality of scholarship to students through the integration of theoretical and qualitative scientific investigation towards the exploration and understanding of the chemical basis of life processes.


The Department through the integration of theoretical, experimental, and practical science is   committed to the following objectives;

(i)  To develop in students, skills and attitudes that are relevant to the study and practice of science such as accuracy and precision, objectivity, integrity,  inquiry, initiative and insight;

(ii) To promote the awareness that the study and practice of science are cooperative and cumulative activities which are subject to social, economic, ethical and cultural influences and limitations;

(iii) To provide students with a broad and balanced foundation of biochemical knowledge and practical skills that are of value in biochemical and non-biochemical employment;

(iv) To upgrade our laboratories to acquire first class research facilities for carrying out ground breaking researches in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Nutrition and Bioactive Agents.

(v) To train our students to be self-reliant and future employers of labour in service delivery and professional development.

(vi) To provide students with knowledge and skills base from which they can proceed to further studies in specialized areas of biochemistry or multi-disciplinary areas involving biochemistry;

(vii) To generate in students an appreciation of the importance of biochemistry in industrial, economic, environmental, technological and social development;

(viii)To promote the awareness that the application of biochemical knowledge may be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual, the society and the environment and therefore, encourage efficient and safe practice of biochemistry;

(ix) To direct the minds of students to the source of all true mission and knowledge - Jesus Christ -  in consonance with the role of SDA higher education in both our  union and division.


In line with global technological advancement and the need for sustainable national development, the biochemistry program at Babcock University seeks to train students with attraction towards self reliance while inculcating in them employable high skills required in pure and applied disciplines of human and veterinary medicine, pharmaceutics, food and nutrition, relevant industrial productions and environmental safety and management. With God, as the centre of this noble conception, there is no doubt that resourceful and God fearing graduates, who will be the source of happiness to humanity, shall be our products.

Admission Requirements