Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree must satisfy the general regulations governing postgraduate studies at Babcock University. In addition, the following are requirements for the PhD Political Science degree programme:

1)     An MSc or MA degree in Political Science or cognate disciplines from Babcock University, or from any other institution recognized by the BU Senate, with at least a CGPA of 60% or 4.0 on a 5.0 scale, in order to quality for regular admission to the PhD programme.

2)     Candidates who score between 3.5 and 3.99 on a 5.0 scale or 55-59% at the MSc/MA may be admitted under conditional status to the PhD programme, provided that they successfully complete a minimum of 15 additional credits in Master’s-level coursework in Political Science at Babcock University prior to commencing any coursework in the PhD in Political Science programme.

3)     Candidates whose Masters’ degrees (MSc or MA) are from other disciplines outside Political Science shall be required to complete any courses (including a Master’s thesis) that are lacking in the transcript when compared with the Babcock University MSc Political Science programme. In such cases, the completed Master’s degree and any remedial coursework must attain the required proficiency of 60% for regular admission into the PhD programme.

4)     Professional certificates/degrees or professional experience shall not be considered as relevant for direct admission into the PhD programme. Prospective candidates who are holders of professional degrees shall be required to take remedial credits at the MSc level, based on perceived deficiencies in the transcripts presented. Furthermore, holders of professional degrees who were not required to complete a thesis/project in the course of such prior qualifications will be required to complete a thesis among other requirements before being admitted into the PhD programme.

5)  Candidates admitted conditionally/provisionally into the PhD programme cannot take PhD-level courses until they have satisfied remedial course requirements stipulated for their admission.

6)  The Department reserves the right upon the approval of the CPGS to offer or deny admission to prospective applicants based on existing faculty and/or staffing needs, budgetary considerations, strategic needs/plans, and so on.