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Dr. Olusegun B. OJUOLADr. Olusegun B. OJUOLA

Welcome Address by the Head of Department

Welcome to our department that offers to provide a holistic education in musical performance and audio production. The department is strategic in meeting the entertainment-driven passion of the youths through a quality, well structured, broad-based, morally sound, skill-oriented, and market specific programmes. The department runs a four-year degree programme with specialization in any of the following tracks:

  1. ·       Musicology/Performance
  2. ·       Audio Production and Management
  3. ·       Musical Instruments Technology

Our state of the Art Studio facilities, equipment, and devices for learning, within a beautiful, serene and conducive student learning environment will undoubtedly make your period of study very effectual and an indelible memory. Our qualified and dedicated staff and faculty are committed to academic excellence and leadership building.

Wishing you God’s blessings and eventful academic experience.

Dr. Olusegun B. OJUOLA

Head of Department



Quality Christian education that promotes academic excellence in music combined with highest standard of moral conduct, professional conduct and personal integrity.


The department of music is committed to preparing leaders in academic and professional careers in music, music production and management, and musical instrument technology by providing a vibrant musical learning environment that fosters an artistic and creative growth; develops new interpretive meaning for music production and management and an integrated approach to experiencing highly diversified music that challenges mental, social, and spiritual growth of the students.


In a world that is threatened by economic recession and overbearing unemployment trend, one factor seems to be the panacea and that is vocational and service – oriented discipline like music.

Music, apart from being in itself a repository of cultural heritage, traditions, social values, is also a dynamic instrument for galvanizing social transformation, fostering better communication in the global village and a medium for spiritual development and attainment. It is also a scientific and aesthetic phenomenon, having multidisciplinary affiliations, thus making it endearing to all manners of people of world cultures. This program apart from providing recreation for human community will also jolt their inquisitive minds to consciousness of both intrinsic and extrinsic social-religious-moral values. It will provide manpower and expertise needed to operate in various capacities as music producer, artiste manager, record label personnel, concert recitalist/promoter, chamber musician, music teacher, church musician, music merchandise, recording studio engineer, music librarian, music technologist, music broadcaster/publisher and freelance/professional music performer. 


The program is designed to

a.                Develop potential and creative genius of students in musical performance, music technology and production and management.

b.               Create opportunities for music scholarship and professionalism.

c.                Develop proficiency in the theory of music and performance techniques on the instruments.

d.               Cultivate modern/contemporary art and niche in music production and management.

e.                Develop good aesthetic value judgment in the use and appreciation of production output and management.

f.                Provide basic manpower for managing people, project and self.

g.               Provide opportunity for the study of music in its universal dimensions.

h.               Promote a responsible use of musical talents for service to God and humanity.



The program is designed for a four-year period consisting eight semesters. Each semester consists of 16 weeks of formal teaching, labs, studio, workshop activities, projects, internship, junior and senior recitals, and general assessments. The general requirements for graduation include the following:

i. The completion of a minimum of 189 credits units including core, elective and general education courses.

ii. All core (compulsory) courses must be taken and passed by the student before the degree can be awarded.

iii. Elective courses will consist of a wide range of courses located within or outside the department from which students must select a given number, which they must pass before they can be awarded a degree.

iv. Completed, reported and defended research project supervised by a staff project supervisor.

Admission Requirements