Benjamin Carson School of Medicine

Department of MEDICINE



The objectives of the Benjamin S. Carson (Snr) School of Medicine include:

1.     Creating an environment in which medical students will acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes appropriate to Christian Health Professionals and scholars.

2.     Creating an atmosphere of inquiry and discovering new routes to wholeness through basic and clinical research.

3.     Training and producing medical doctors with internationally acceptable knowledge of the scientific foundations of medicine, but with a clear orientation towards the health and medical problems in Nigeria, especially in respect of the necessity for the young doctor to assume responsibility for independent actions and decision in many spheres soon after internship.

4.     Producing doctors who in addition to practical skill for handling common health problems, medical emergencies, a strong inclination to broad community health, preventive medicine, as well as ability to lead a health team and manage, at least, a small health service in this country and be suitable for postgraduate training anywhere in the world.

Admission Requirements

The entry requirement shall be through Unified tertiary institution admission(UMTE) a minimum of Five Credits in core sciences namely, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English language. 

 For Direct Entry, a higher school certificate or its equivalent or Bachelor of Science degree with second class upper division in life science disciplines – Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Medical Laboratory Science, Microbiology, Nursing, Physiology, Physiotherapy, Public health and Zoology from Babcock University or any institution 201 recognized by the Senate of Babcock University. 

All eligible candidates must present their transcript and credit in English language, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry at one sitting in the Ordinary Level examination. The candidate must pass the Babcock University Medical School Admission Test (BUMSAT).