School of Management Sciences

B.Sc Accounting


The main objectives of the Accounting programme are:-

1. To equip and expose the students of the department to programmes in Accounting and allied disciplines.

2. To develop the students’ sense of holistic judgment, and ability to prepare financial Statements and reports, analyze financial numbers in the decision process, investment policies using generally acceptable accounting standards in the public and private sector of the global economy.

3. To create appropriate environment necessary for the student’s intellectual development and develop the spirit of self-reliance in them.

4. To develop Students’ ability for independent research work through library research, seminar, fieldwork and computer application in our Laboratory.

5. To enable the graduates of the department like others, within the Business School fit into various sectors of the economy. The programme is such that our graduates would serve as Accountants, Auditors, Tax experts, Directors, Finance Managers, Policy Analysts, Lecturers, Investment analysts and Planning/Budget Officers,

6. To produce graduates that can fit into Postgraduate Programmes of M.Sc, M.Phil and PhD in Accounting and allied fields


A. A minimum of 87 credits of Departmental Courses.

B. A minimum of 82 credits in courses outside the department.

C. Complete, report and defend a research project supervised by a staff Project Supervisor.

A minimum of 169 credits is required before a student could graduate from the Accounting programme. For the purpose of the minimum standards in Accounting, the courses are categorized into two:

1.General education courses

2.Core courses

A core(compulsory) course must be taken and passed by all students before they can be awarded a degree.

Cognate courses are to be taken from other departments. For each course specified, the categories to which it belongs and weight(credits) attached are indicated. All courses are listed by the year in which they could be offered on the program.

A credit of a course is defined as one contact hour of lecture/tutorial/seminar or three practical per week in a semester of 15 weeks.

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