Postgraduate Studies

Computing and Engineering Sciences

The department provides the education and variety of skills necessary to succeed within high technology environments in industry, society and the church, and for software and hardware design, manufacture and maintenance in this decade. Through projects involving real life applications, students are given broad background knowledge of the technological enterprise system within a framework of moral and ethical guiding principles. Specifically, students are exposed to experiences that enable them to:

1       Know why information processing is essential in the electronic world.

2      Value modern technology, and appreciate the role computers play in the society.

3       Handle simple tasks differently and better, e.g. process  data,  store  and  retrieve information through the use of existing smart microcomputer applications.

4       Use the available software and hardware to simulate the physical world for improvement.

5      Acquire the ability to integrate information systems into the business environment, and to exploit methods of leveraging business functions through information systems.

6       Receive technical orientation and managerial skills for strategic use of information systems.

7       Acquire  fundamental electronic knowledge  of  the  digital computer

8       Proceed to graduate study in computer science, computer engineering, Project Management and mathematics.


Our mission is to build minds for leadership through quality information systems and computing integrated with Christian education, transforming lives, impacting society for positive change through the pervading influence of our graduates and staff, computing services to humanity.

Admissions Requirement

General Admission Requirements Postgraduate Diploma: A graduate from a recognized univerity or a person with qualification adjudged to be equivalent to a first degree may be admitted. Masters Degree: A Candidate with a first degree from a recognized Univesity with a minimum of a second class lower division may be admitted. A candidate with a good postgraduate diploma from a recognized University or with a professional certification in addition to first degree or HND may also be admitted to a Masters Degree programme. Doctor of Philososphy (PhD) Degree: A Candidate with a good Masters Degree not less than 60% average from a recognized University or 4.00 CGPA on a 5 poin scale may be admitted.