Postgraduate Studies

Prospective Students

Postgraduate Admission Procedures

How to Apply

Application form is available online.  This is to be downloaded by the applicant and submitted after completion to the Admissions Office, College of Postgraduate Studies, Babcock University. Relevant documents should be attached.      

No person shall be admitted unless his/her application has been approved by the Board of the College of Postgraduate Studies (hereinafter referred to as the Board) on behalf of Senate and on the recommendation of the appropriate School Postgraduate committee (hereinafter called School committee)

Every applicant should furnish with the application evidence in the form of a certified academic transcript of his previous university work and letter(s) of reference from his previous university teachers that he is qualified to undertake advanced study and research, and that he has satisfactory knowledge of the language required for such study.

The school or department may require, subject to approval by the Board, additional conditions for admission, e.g. interview


1.      Bachelor’s Degree Certificate

2.      Master’s Degree Certificate for candidates proposing to pursue PhD

3.      Notification of Results of Bachelor’s Degree Examinations for B. U. graduates proposing to pursue Masters and PhD Degrees

4.      NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate for Nigerian Candidates

5.      Marriage Certificate or Evidence of Change of Name(s) where applicable

6.      Three recent passport-sized photographs

7.      Any other certificate or document(s) relevant to the mode of application

Arrangement should be made with your institution to forward your academic transcript to reach the following address before the closing date:


A general requirement for admission is a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Philosophy or Science or an acceptable equivalent from an approved Institution of higher learning.  An academic standing of a minimum of second class lower division is required for admission to Masters Degrees programme and an M.Phil. or Masters degree with Thesis in appropriate field and at least 60% or 4.00 CGPA on a 5.00 point scale in the Masters coursework is required for admission to Doctorate degree.

Admissions and Registration

A student is not officially registered for classes until the entire registration procedure is completed each semester.  A request for deferred admission must be made in writing within three months of admission and approved by Senate on the recommendation of the College of Postgraduate Studies Board.

Types of Admission

Summer Semester Module       May 1- July 30 every year

Regular Session Module             September – December; January-April every year

Elongated Semester Module     Every Sunday for 22-24 weeks beginning July or January every year


Regular Semester modality. The regular modality of graduate program delivery at Babcock University is provided during the period of the regular semester, as published in the corresponding University publications. This semester consists of a total of 15 weeks of instruction, plus an additional week for final examinations and/or other culminating course activities. The regular modality is open to all graduate students.

Elongated (extended) Semester modality. The regular semester consists of 16 weeks, the elongated modality consists of 24 weeks, with all required contact hours taking place on Sunday. Students are expected to complete all non-contact course requirements (readings, research, project preparation, etc., in the amount of a minimum of 3 hours for every contact hour in lecture courses, and 5 hours for every contact hour in seminar courses) during the remainder of the week. Given the full-time work status, the maximum number of credits that may be enrolled in an elongated semester is 70 percent of the regular semester credits. The reason for 70 percent, rather than 50 percent, which would typically be Elongated Module status of a Regular Module load, is that this takes into account the extended semester and the number of hours of class contact hours involved.