Postgraduate Studies

Ph.D Business Administration

A.  Objectives of the Programme

The main objective of the PhD in Business Administration as a research degree is to enable

students benefit from advanced education by focusing on research, theory, and practice of business administration and to strengthen the ability for active learning through modern teaching methods and research techniques in an environment that actively seeks the mental, moral, and spiritual development of the scholar.


Specific Objectives of the Proposed Programme

Diligent graduates from this programme will be able to:

1.     Analyze organizational problems by using appropriate research methods and models, interpret properly the results of the analyses, and propose effective business decisions.

2.     Deliver quality instructions in business administration at all the levels of learning and create conditions for lifelong improvement in the field of management, marketing, operations research, organizational behavior, and quantitative disciplines.

3.     Exhibit a high personal and professional ethical standard that would reveal Godly character  in the use of business and marketing strategies in business administration.

4.     Initiate scientific cooperation with other academic institutions as well as joint projects with private and public entities for development and application of business strategies.

5.     Initiate, effectively carry out, and supervise academic and professional research programmes that will succinctly add value to existing knowledge on the subject matter of Business Administration.

6.     Contribute adequately to character formation and the holistic nature of life that underpin the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education.


With these extensive knowledge gained, a PhD in Business Administration graduate would be able to publish articles in recognized local and international journals in his/her respective areas of specialization in Business Administration. In addition, he/she would be able to engage in research-based Business Administration activities needed to encourage entrepreneurship.


Admission Requirements for the Programme

Individuals eligible for admission into PhD programme in Business Administration must satisfy the general requirements demanded by the College of Postgraduate Studies at Babcock University. Additionally, applicants are required to have an MSc degree in Business Administration from Babcock University or from any other recognized university within and outside Nigeria, wherein they would have obtained an average of at least 60% (4.0 on a 5.0-point scale). Candidates must submit official transcripts as evidence.


Candidates with a CGPA of 3.50-3.99 on a 5.0-point scale or 55-59% in the MSc in Business Administration may be admitted under conditional status to the PhD programme, provided they successfully complete a minimum of required additional 16 credits in Master’s-level coursework in Business Administration at Babcock University and any other relevant area at the 60% pass level prior to commencing any coursework in the PhD programme.


Candidates with a minimum of 4.0 CGPA (on a 5.0 scale) from a cognate discipline may be considered for admission subject to prescribed remedial courses as approved by the department.

An MPhil in Business Administration from Babcock University, with a minimum proficiency level of 60%, will count for the first year of the PhD programme, with the student commencing the activities of the second year of the PhD programme of studies. If the student has an MPhil in Business Administration from any other institution or in any other relevant area, with a minimum proficiency level of 60%, the student will commence the first year of the PhD programme of studies.


Note: Professional experience may not be counted to waive a deficiency in the programme requirement. Furthermore, no credits from outside BU may be counted toward the PhD degree. The admission requirements into the undergraduate programmes of the Department also apply.


Curriculum for the Programme

Candidates for the PhD will be required to complete two years (four semesters) of

coursework in areas related to the focus of their PhD programme, and then will spend a minimum of one year (two semesters) developing a doctoral thesis and carrying out research related to the attainment of the PhD.

The programme of studies for the PhD in Business Administration appears in the following table:



Course Title

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

1st Sem

2nd Sem

3rd Sem

4th Sem

5th Sem

6th Sem

GEDS 901

Personal and Family Wholeness







GEDS 902

Advanced Statistics







GEDS 912

Advanced Research Design







GEDS 911

Research Proposal Writing















BSAD 921

Management Thought & Philosophy







BSAD 912

Leadership, Organizational Behaviour and Development







BSAD 922

Advanced Strategic Mgt. &







BSAD 931

Advanced Comparative Management







BSAD 927

Religion and Management







BSAD 903

Doctoral Seminar 1







BSAD 905

Doctoral Seminar 2







BSAD 906

Doctoral Seminar 3







BSAD 908

Doctoral Seminar 4







BSAD 990

Doctoral Thesis








Specialization Courses














NB: Candidates in consultation with the Departmental Head and PG Coordinator are to pick one specialization course each in the first and second semesters of the first year.


Operation Research and Production Management
BSAD 961 Advanced Operations Management
BSAD 962 Production Systems
BSAD 952 Mathematical Programming

Strategic Management
BSAD 971   Business Modeling and Competitive Strategy
BSAD 916   Organizational structure and Management
BSAD 914   International and Corporate Strategy

Human Resources Management
BSAD 924 Contemporary Issues in Human Resources Management
BSAD 951 Labour Code and Relations Management
BSAD 972 Performance and Knowledge Management

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
BSAD 918 Innovation & Change Management
BSAD 953 Business Environment Analysis & Start up
BSAD 956 Entrepreneurship Sales and Marketing

Graduation Requirements
General Courses                                 - 8 Credit Units
Core Courses                                      - 15 Credit Units
Thesis                                                -16 Credit Units
Doctoral Seminars                              - 12 Credit Units
Specialization Courses                               - 6 Credit Units

TOTAL                                             57 Credit Units

Course Duration
Regular: minimum of six (6) semesters and maximum of eight (8) semesters.
Elongated: minimum of seven (7) semesters and maximum of nine (9) semesters. The minimum CGPA for graduation shall be 4.0 on a 5-point scale.