Postgraduate Studies



The mission of the Department of Business Administration and Marketing is to prepare men and women for professional careers in business and related disciplines by providing basic programmes in the various areas suited to entrepreneurship, the needs of the industrial sector, and the requirements of the society at large, within the context of high moral Christ-like character and to ensure ethical standards in behaviour. 


 To build globally competitive business administration and marketing academics that can favourably compare with other scholars in similar field across the globe. 


To broaden the scholastic capacity of students in the discipline thereby enhancing their capacity to undertake rigorous and quality research and also to be able to apply theoretical understanding to practical management issues with a view to solving them which is anchored on the harmonious development of the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual potentials of students; and inculcating in men and women a nobility of character and stability of purpose in our society .


The courses and programmes offered by the Department are designed to provide the students with the variety of skills necessary to succeed within the government, industry and the church, and to train students for entrepreneurship and also for secretarial and office administration in the modern office. The programs are designed to give the students broad background of knowledge 84 of the free enterprise system within a frame of moral and ethical guidelines. The curriculum assists the students to develop a sound Christian philosophy toward our current economic future. It provides the student with a quality academic program with basic business skills required for initial job placement, entrepreneurship and entrance into postgraduate degree programs in business and marketing. 

Further objectives of the programmes are as follows: * To equip the students with essential analytical skills needed for the recognition, definition, and solution of management/marketing problems. * To develop leadership and interpersonal relation skills in the students.