Postgraduate Studies


Our vision is to admit potentially talented (i.e. in creativity and in academic scholarship) interested graduates of Mass Communication and other disciplines, and to produce, within a few years of studies, experts and scholars who will perform leadership roles within Nigeria and the global community.

Globalization is now inevitable in all disciplines.

Technology has reduced the world into a global village, as predicted by Marshal Mcluhan (1965). Our post-graduate degree holders must know and use the dynamics of international and global communication to further our national interests and perspectives on world issues. By virtue of their training and achievements they should earn global respect through their use of the instrumentalities of Mass Communication.


On philosophical grounds, our postgraduate students and degree holders should be in no doubt about answers to fundamental questions about life. Answers to questions (such as “What is the origin of life?” “What is the function of life?” “What is the future of life?”) RECAST. Consider the following suggestion:

It is our mission therefore to produce well–rounded, humane, honest, principled Christian postgraduate degree holders who will contribute meaningfully to the progress and general development of the world.

Objectives of the Programme

The main thrust of the programme is to train and develop high-level skilled manpower in the context of university philosophy of integration of faith and learning, which is the bedrock of any nation. The culture of excellence in teaching, research and service will be nurtured in the student enrolees.

The products of this programme will develop Christ-like characters and correspondingly impact any sector of the nation/economy wherever they will be employed passively and spirituality. The University is most likely to solve, to some extent, the current staff shortage particularly those with the background of Adventist faith and some of the graduates that are exceptional could be absorbed as junior academic staff-in-training.

Specific Objectives:

· To meet the communication needs of the church and the nation at postgraduate level noting the vital role communication plays in human existence.

· To Upgrade the proficiency of the undergraduate course to meet the three levels of Broadcasting, Journalism and Publishing Studies and Public relations and Advertising.

· To inculcate the sense of discipline and responsibility, mentally, spiritually and physically in ethical and moral practice of their discipline.

The programme is designed to assist in achieving the mission and objectives of our institution in terms of its role and scope within the total system of Seventh-Adventist high education in our union and division by training media practitioners to promote specific values which are core to our existence – integrity, excellence, transparency, responsibility and dignity and commitment for which the SDA Church is noted, and give media practice a distinctively unique Christian orientation for service.