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Welcome to Babcock University, College of Postgraduate Studies.

Babcock University, a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning is committed to excellence and dedicated to building leadership through quality Christian education, transforming lives, impacting society for positive change through the pervading influence of our graduates. Over the years, we have been able to adopt and adapt the latest state of the art facilities in achieving excellence in teaching delivery, quality research and in knowledge transfer to our community.  We make it a point of duty to instill Christ-like character and discipline as we interact with students, faculty and other stakeholders. In order to advance the frontiers of knowledge, Babcock University College of Postgraduate Studies has been intentional over time in developing robust and up-to-date online resources in form of high impact factor e-journals (full text), e-books and other publications in various academic disciplines capable of empowering the students to delve into research problems that can have global impact and local relevance. Postgraduate education is of great importance in personal development as well as the greater goal of national development.  That is why Babcock University takes keen interest in prospective students to the College of Postgraduate Studies.  Located in an ambient and serene environment, academic calendar goes on uninterrupted and seasoned faculty members are readily accessible to help students achieve their quest for functional knowledge. If you desire to have professional edge in any chosen field, Babcock University College of Postgraduate Studies is a place where you must be.  May God bless you as you choose Babcock University. Welcome once again and we look forward to having you join our winning team at Babcock University College of Postgraduate Studies.

Welcome once again and we look forward to having you join our winning team at Babcock University College of Postgraduate Studies.

Provost, College of Postgraduate Studies

About Us

More About Admissions

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Our Mission
Promoting advanced knowledge and skills for service to God and humanity.

Our Objectives
We aspire to:

• Equip students with techniques for advanced learning

• Lead students to develop lives of integrity based upon principles that are compatible with Adventist world view.

• Foster the mastery of critical evaluation, discovery and dissemination of knowledge in the community of scholars.

• Develop in students the ability to utilize resources such as reason, reflection and research to discover truth and its implication here and hereafter

Our Values

  • Adventist Christian Heritage
  • Christ centered intellect
  • Honesty in Service
  • Ethical responsibility
  • Team work
  • Individual creativity

Our Community
Located on KM 25 area of the Shagamu-Benin Expressway in Ilishan-Remo. Babcock University is 45 KM equidistant between Lagos, the coastal commercial capital of Nigeria and Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa. We are only 65km away from the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, giving all our students easy and quick access.

The host state, Ogun State shares an international boundary with the Republic of Benin on the West, interstate boundaries with Oyo State in the North, Ondo State in the East and Lagos State on the West.

Having existed for 50 years as an institution and more than a decade as an accredited private university, Babcock enjoys a cordial and peaceful relationship with members of the host community, Ilishan-Remo as well as the surrounding communities under the Remo North Local Government habited by about 60,000 people in Ogun State.

Graduate Programmes and Research:
Babcock University academic programs are structured into seven schools and various departments which are the basic units into which all teaching, learning and research are planned. Through her programs, faculty and staff, the Babcock University Postgraduate School promises an educational experience that sparks your curiosity and nurtures your appetite for knowledge in today’s competitive business and workplace.

Modules/Admission Sessions:
1. Regular Semester Module. This runs from September to April every year.
2. Elongated Semester Module. This runs for 24 weeks (Weekends only), beginning July.

*Teaching Assistantships/Scholarships worth N210,000 per annum are available for deserving postgraduate students.

For more Information, please contact:
The Secretary,
College of Postgraduate Studies,
Babcock University,

Ilishan Remo

Tel: 08072090645


Information about Postgraduate Programs

Program Modules/ Duration

Check out our dynamic, flexible elongated, regular and summer program. This gives you a variety of options to undertake, either as a working class or a business class full time student.
Regular Semester Module: This runs from September to April every year. A minimum of three semesters for MBA, MSc ans six semesters for PhD is the duration for the program.
Elongated Semester Module: This runs for 24 weeks (Weekends only). starting from July every year. The program is spread across a minimum of four semesters for MBA, MSc and seven semesters for PhD.
Summer Semester Module: This runs from May to August every year.

General Admission Requirements

Postgraduate Diploma: A graduate from a recognized univerity or a person with qualification adjudged to be equivalent to a first degree may be admitted.
Masters Degree: A Candidate with a first degree from a recognized Univesity with a minimum of a second class lower division may be admitted. A candidate with a good postgraduate diploma from a recognized University or with a professional certification in addition to first degree or HND may also be admitted to a Masters Degree programme.
Doctor of Philososphy (PhD) Degree: A Candidate with a good Masters Degree not less than 60% average from a recognized University or 4.00 CGPA on a 5 poin scale may be admitted.





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