Professor C.C Nwosu

Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness

Why choose us

Organizations and institutions keep in touch with their critical stakeholders to ensure valuable feedback on their executing their mandates in line with their core values. Among the critical stakeholders (the prime stakeholders) of the Babcock Project are the students. It becomes pertinent, therefore, to carry out an appraisal of the institutions’ delivery on its core values (Excellence and Integrity) through the prism of the student population. The student edition of the of Faith Integration Symposium series seeks to elicit this form of feedback, by having the students assess the delivery of services in line with the core values of the University. This would place us in the position to know how to better serve the students as we seek to bring them to Christ in unique ways in this technology driven age.

A driving force for transforming Babcock University into a center of excellence OUR MISSION
To upload Babcock University a center of excellence, through the development of excellent employees and students; quality service delivery in teaching, learning, research, and biblical spirituality