Associate Professor

Research Interests:


Global Africa, Postcoloniality and Indigenous Knowledges.
African Indigenous Knowledgesin a Postcolonial World Essay in Honour of Toyin Falola.
The Palgrave Handbook of African Women's Studies
Intersectionalities and Access in Fieldwork in Postconflict Liberia: Motherland, Motherhood and Minefields
Striving for Solutions: African States, Refugees, and the International Politics of Durable Solutions
A Review of Mothers on the Move: Reproducing Belonging between African and Europe by Pamela Feldsman-Savelsberg
Smart Card Reader Data and Voter Turnout in the 2015 Nigerian Elections
Africa’s Big Men: Predatory State-Society Relations in Africa
Pentecostalism and Politics in Africa
Identities, Conflict and Africa’s Refugee Crises
Pentecostals, Conflict and Peace in Africa
Accountability Theory and Democracy in Nigeria
Introduction: The Pentecostal and the Political in Africa
Gendering Knowledge in Africa and the African Diaspora: Contesting History and Power
GenderCultureandDevelopment in Africa
Forging Home: Local and Global Intersections in the Postconflict Reintegration of Liberian Returnee Refugees
Combating the Limitations to the Implementation of the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015 in Nigeria
Intersectionality and Durable Solutions for Refugee Women in Africa
Research Methodology in Social Science Analysis-Chapter 1
Beyond Cheerleading: E-Governance, Political Communication & Political Behaviour of Nigerian Women
Is United States of Africa Through Federalism Possible?
Sources and Uses of Migration Statistics: A Review
Women as Aspirant Political Gladiators in Nigeria
Linking the MDGs and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria: Vistas and Limits
Empowering Women for Stronger Political Parties: A Good Practices Guide to Promote Women’s Political Participation: A Review
Women in Africa: Contexts, Rights, Hegemonies
Investigating the Role of Government Legislation and Implementation in Addressing Gender Based Violence Among Returnee Refugee Women in Liberia
Ellen’s Hope: Interrogating Psychosocial Aspects of Female Executive Leadership in Postconflict Liberia
The Limits of Theorizing Legislation as Primary Panacea to Gender Based Violence in Africa
The Domestic Context of the United States’ Foreign Policy Process: The Case of President Bush’s War on Terror
Presidential Apologies, Truth Commissions and Post War Reparations as Tools of Transitional Justice in Liberia
The Protection of Refugee Women in Africa: Querying Problems, Revealing Regime Gaps
The Illusion of Home and the Elusion of Peace: Framing the ‘Return’ of Liberian Refugee Women.
Study of the 2011 General Elections in Nigeria: Ogun State Report
Funding Agencies and Professional Bodies
Issues in the Protection of Refugee Women in Africa
Accessing Returnee Refugee Women in Postconflict Liberia: Practical, Ethical and Gender Considerations in Research
The Colonial Imprint on Ethnicity in Africa: Contemporary Legacies
Women, Camps and (In)Security
Humanitarian Challenges for the United Nations in Africa: Theoretical and Practical Constraints
If I could speak to Madam President: Returnee Women’s Experiences of Return, Reintegration and Peace in Liberia
A Statistical Analysis of the Impact of September 11 and the War on Terror on Presidential Public Approval Ratings in the United States
Corruption in Nigeria: Locating the Discourse within Theoretical Expositions of the Nexus between Political Culture and Democratic Prospects