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Financial institutions’ inter mediation and economic development in Nigeria.
Accounting information systems and small/medium scale enterprises (SME) performance
Financial Institutions' Intermediation and Economic Development in Nigeria
The relationship between Accounting information disclosures and investment decisions of listed firms in Nigeria
Corporate Governance and Reported Earnings quality in Deposit Money Bank in Nigeria
Financial Development and Economic Nexus in Nigeria: The role of the stock market
Mandatory Disclosure and Investment Decisions in Consumer goods sector of Nigerian Economy
Mandatory disclosures and investment decisions in consumer goods sector of Nigerian economy
Financial development and economic nexus in Nigeria role of the stock market
Human Resource Accounting. A panacea to financial reporting problems
Tax incentives and industrial and economic growth of Sub-saharan African states
Corporate governance and quality of financial reporting
Modelling Entrepreneurial education within the framework of productivity theory. A way out of economic doldrums in Sub-Saharan Africa
Role of effective internal control systems on insurance business performance in Nigeria
Impact of gearing on performance of companies
Effective financial reporting. Tools toward quality decision making in manufacturing industry
Accountability and Managerial capability in a financial crises ridden economy
Impact of internally generated revenue on total revenue accruing to state governments in Nigeria
Role of internally generated revenue in local government administration in Nigeria
Effective corporate governance as a panacea to business survival in Nigeria
Effective internal control system as antidotes for distress in banking industry
The impact of budgeting and budgeting control on the performance of manufacturing companies in Nigeria
Effects of cashless banking on Nigerian economy
The impact of cost control on manufacturing companies' profitability
Islamic banking as a panacea for economic instability in Nigeria
Accounting information as an aid to management decision making
Liquidity management in Financial Institutions in Nigeria
Effect of interest rate deregulation on bank deposits mobilisation in Nigeria
Fallacy of banking consolidations in Nigeria. Empirical review of first phase of the reform between 2004 and 2009
Impact of stock valuation on profitability of manufacturing industry
Modern internal auditing. What is all about? The grandfather dialogue
Management audit as an examination of management process