Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:


How well does the law protect women at home? An analysis of Nigeria’s domestic violence legislation
Access to Experimental Drugs, Fundamental Rights and Clinical Trials Regulation in Nigeria
Digital Technology, Social Media and Cyber-Enabled Gender-Based Violence and the Law in Nigeria
Rejection of the Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill in Nigeria: A setback for sustainable development goal five
Stigma and Mental Health in Nigeria: Some Suggestions for Law Reform
Legislating on Violence Against Women: A Critical Analysis of Nigeria's Recent Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act, 2015
Can legislation mandating vaccination solve the challenges of routine childhood immunisation in Nigeria?
Intersections of Violence Against Women and Health: Implications for Health Law and Policy in Nigeria
The Regulation of Nursing in Nigeria: A Critical Analysis
Discrimination on the Basis of HIV Status: An analysis of Recent Developments in Nigerian Law and Jurisprudence
Neuroscience research involving older persons in Canada: some legal and neuroethical concerns
Incapacity in Canada: Review of Laws and Policies on Research Involving Decisionally Impaired Adults
The Tunnel at the End of the Light? A Critical Analysis of the Development of the Tri-Council Policy Statement
The Legal Framework for the Governance of Health Research Involving Humans in Nigeria
International Students and Diversity in the Classroom
Research Involving Humans in Developing Countries: Expanding the Focus from Ethics to Governance
Research Involving Humans in African Countries: A Case for Domestic Legal Frameworks
Access to Anti-Retroviral Drugs as a Component of the Right to Health in International Law: Examining the Application of the Right in Nigerian Jurisprudence