Lecturer I

Research Interests:


Clerics as Politicians
Democracy in Nigeria: State-Society Relations as a Tool of Inquiry
Conflict Entrepreneurs, informal Economies and Structural Reforms in the Niger Delta.
An Assessment of British-American Tobacco Compliance and Government Regulations
Anthology of Theories and their Applications in Social and Management Sciences
Anthology of Theories and their Application in Social and Management Sciences
Selected Theories and Their Applications to Political Sciene Research
Tounting Political Power Ascendancy: Intricacies of Identity, Violence and Power Struggle
Politics of Party Formation and Problems of Unstable Polity in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic.
Africa’s Political Leadership on Tattoo Parade
Government-Business Activities: An Agency Theoretic Analysis of British-American Tobacco Company in Nigeria
A Differentiating Factor between Unitarism and Federalism: Police Powers and National Security i Nigeria
Western Leadership in the Unending Crisis in the Middle East: A Realist Perspective.
Thirty-Six Year of Economic Intergration Effort in West Africa: ECOWAS in Perspective
Followership Imperative of Good Governance: Reflections on Nigeria’s ‘Second Chance’ at Democratization.
Critical Reconsideration of Conditions for Democratic Consolidation” The Followership Deficit Imperative
The Healing Power of Forgiveness in Peace Building: The Case of Saare/Tsaragi, Kwara State, Nigeria 2008-2008
Consolidation and Sustainability of Democracy in Nigeria: The Millennium Development Goals (MDDs) as a Veritable Instrument
Towards Theoretical Re-Conceptualization of Security: A Critical Assessment of State and Human Security
Four Republics: A Critical Discourse of the Culture of Political Parties
The Politics of Globalization: Implications for Nigeria’s Socio-Political Economic Development
Legislative Role Marginalization of Nigeria’s National Assembly
Rotational Presidency and National Integration in Nigeria
Political Parties as Instruments of National Integration: A Study of a Decade of Nigerian Politics, 1999-2009.