Associate Professor

Research Interests:


Culture of Silence and Gender Development in Nigeria
Influence of Political Advertising on Electorates’ Voting Decision in Nigeria.
Cultural Cohesion an Antidote for Ethnic Conflict.
E-Governance and Grassroots Decision Making Process in Nigeria
E Governance and Grassroots Decision Making Process in Nigeria
Why Women Do Not Benefit From Nigeria: An Assessment of Project
Citizens’ Perception of the Effectiveness of the Various Projects in Ogun State Nigeria.
Level of Awareness of Developmental Projects by the Ministry of Women Affairs among Citizens of Ogun State.
Impediments to Effective Planning and Implementation of Women Development Projects in Ogun State, Nigeria.
Millennium Development Goals and the Challenges of Public Administration in Nigeria.
Gender and National Development: The Role of the Ogun State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.
Joint Allocation Account Committee and Local Government Autonomy in Ogun State Nigeria.
An Assessment of the Relevance of Adekanye’s The Retired Military as Emergent Power Factor in Nigeria to Contemporary Nigeria.
The Effect of Work Environment on the Productivity Level of the Employee.
Comparative Study of Autonomy and Democratic Status of Local Government in France and Nigeria
The effect of Motivation on Organizations Operating in a Depressed National Economy
The Colonial Imprints on Ethnicity in Africa: Contemporary Legacies
Humanitarian Challenges for the United Nations in Africa: Theoretical and Practical Constraints
A Statistical Analysis of the Impact of September 11 and the War on Terror on Presidential Public Approval Ratings in the United States of America