Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:


Real Time Solid Waste Management System using Solar Energy
A Railway Travel Time Optimization System
A Web-Based Clinical Decision Support System for the Management of Diabetes Neuropathy using Naïve Bayes Algorithm
Impact of Black Hole Attack on Reactive and Proactive Routing Protocols in MANET
A Random Matrix-Based Fraud Prevention Model
A Recursive Code Generating Algorithm for Automata Control
A Conceptual Design and Evaluation Framework for Mobile Persuasive Health Technologies (Usability Approach)
Expert System Model for Diagnosing Legume Diseases
Open Architecture Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System: Security Enhancement with Defense-in-Depth Strategies
A Genetic-Bayesian Short Message Service Spam Filter with Text Normalization and Semantic Indexing
Software Development Top Models Risks Control and Effect on Product Quality
Critical Review Of Petrol Station Management System With Emphasis On The Advantages If Digitalized In Nigeria
Poverty Eradication Inspired Computing
Plagiarism Index Estimation Algorithm: A Quantitative Approach
Multi-Path Error Propagation: A Case for Defensive Programming in Software Implementation
Intellectual Property Frontal Authentication: A Computational Approach
Construction of Cryptographic e-Tags using Chronological Binary Transforms
Simulation of 2D Saint-Venant Equations in Open Channel by using MATLAB
Achieving Modified Bloom’s Taxonomy with the Zolla Class Management and Learning Software
Structural convergence of web graph, social network and malaria network: an analytical framework for emerging web-hybrid search engine
Computational Models for Examination Fraud Control Using Randomized Algorithms
Collaborative E- Learning Algorithm for Domain Knowledge Acquisition using Unbiased Matching
Internet Banking User Interface Design: A Comparative Trend Analysis of Nigeria Perspective
Contact Strength Generating Algorithm for Application in Malaria Transmission Network
Emerging Computational Strategy for Eradication of Malaria