Associate Professor

Research Interests:


Effect of transitions in standards on the value predictive power of financial information of listed Oil and Gas Firms in Nigeria.
Effect of real sector output on tax revenue in Nigeria
Mandatory disclosures and investment decisions in consumer goods sector of Nigerian economy
Tax incentives and industrial and economic growth of Sub-saharan African states
Modelling Entrepreneurial education within the framework of productivity theory. A way out of economic doldrums in Sub-Saharan Africa
Accountability and Managerial capability in a financial crises ridden economy
Restructuring the Nigerian Financial Sector
Globalization and Human Development
An Ethical Perspective of Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting in the Nigerian Banking Indus
Responsibility Accounting and Transparency in the Management of Public Finance in Nigeria:Issues of
Interpretation of Financial Statements and Lending to Corporate Clients in The Nigerian Bankibg Indu
Corruption and Responsibility Accounting in Nigerian Democratic Nation:The Way Forward
Bank Credit Management and Its Effects on Profitability Profile in the Nigerian Banking Industry
The Impact of Tax Evasion on Federal Government of Nigeria Revenue Generation
Enhancing Accountability in the School System for Improved Performance
Bank Performance,Financial Crisis,and Economic Growth in Nigeria
Strategic Planning in a Sustainable Economy:A pathway to Enhanced Productivity,Growth and Stability
Good Investment Policies:Catalyst for Quality Management of Assets and Liabilities for Distress Reso
Financial Strategy and Financial Distress Resolution in Profit Oriented Organizations.
Mergers and Acquisitions in Nigerian Banking Industry.
Corporate Governance and Financial Distress in the Banking Industry:A case of Nigerian Economy
Tax Incentives:Tools for attracting Foreign Foreign Investment in Nigerian Economy.
Customs and Excise Duties Contribution towards the Economic Development and Growth of Nigerian Econo
Petroleum Profit Tax and Nigerian Economic Development.
International Financial Reporting Standard Adoption:Implication on Management Accounting and Taxatio
The Competitive Advantage of Outsourcing the Products and Services of the Nigerian Service Industry.
Company Income Tax and Nigeria Economic Development.
The Challenges and Prospects of The Manufacturing Sector of Nigerian Economy.
Tax Expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa-The Nigerian Experience
Economic and Financial Crimes in Nigeria:Forensic Accounting as Antidote
E-Business Conflict Resolution:Working Capital Management in Resolving Profitability Distress in a P
Globalization and the Precarious State of Public Finance in Nigeria.
Globalization and Corporate Social Investment Towards Productivity Enhancement and Resolutiion of Di
Distress Resolution in Nigeria Banking Sector:The Riole of Assets and Liabilities Management
Strategic Planning and Performance:Catalyst for Sustainability and Stability in the Nigerian Financi
Mobilizing Domestic Revenue for Suatainable Development in Africa
Impact of Economic and Financial Crimes on the Economy of Ghana
Ethics,Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting in the Nigerian Banking:Global Role of Internati
Assessment of Value Added Tax on the Growth and Development of Nigeria Economy: Imperative for Reform