Facilities Management

Frequently asked Questions

What are the major responsibilities of the Department of Facilities Management?  The major role of the department is to achieve an enabling environment that will allow the University to fulfil its objectives.  An environment where the infrastructure is not only user friendly but also pleasing to the eye. Hence, the department is set up to implement programs, policies and procedures relating to the maintenance, repairs and management of the University’s facilities. The department is also involved in the rent administration of off-campus employee accommodation, as well as providing support in the development and execution of elements of the Campus Master Plan.


What kind of maintenance jobs are carried out? The Department’s responsibilities are categorised into five units, each of which is coordinated by a Unit Head. These are: Electrical, Water and Sewage, Civil, Mechanical, Woodwork Services and Estate.


What do we do at the:

  • Civil Unit? Our primary aim is to preserve a building in its initial state by carrying out necessary and consistent repair work in order to effectively serve its desired purpose. Hence you may find us rebuilding/repairing walls, floors, drainages, tiling etc,
  • Water and Sewage Unit? Operate and maintain the water supply network/sewage system of the University
  • Electrical Unit? Carry out the operation and maintenance of the transmission and distribution of electric power. This includes both high tension and domestic power supply.
  • Mechanical Unit? The operation and maintenance of the generating plants, mechanical infrastructures and metal works.
  • Woodworks Services? Repairs, fabricates, and carries out installation on any wooden infrastructure in the University.
  • Estate Unit? Coordinates the maintenance works being handled by the department. Also handles all issues dealing with housing, rent administration, property evaluation and several other responsibilities that fall under the procedure of estate management.


How do I request for maintenance service? Obtain a Job Requisition form from the Administrative officer at the Facilities Management office on the top floor of the Bursary building or download and print it out from here (download job requisition form). If you are in Iperu Campus, go to the office of the Estate Manager.


How long is the time between request submission and your response time?  We strive to carry out an appraisal of the request within 24 hours after the request was submitted. However, because we use a system of ‘first come, first served,’ if there is a deluge of requests in a particular unit the response time may take a little longer. Emergencies on the other hand are responded to immediately. We also give priority to time critical cases.


How do I make an emergency call if I cannot get to the FM office? Call the emergency number given below.


Do you do following up after a repair work? Yes! We follow up to confirm the state of the previously done work or repairs.


Do people have to pay for the services you render?  No! All our workers are on the payroll of the University and it is illegal for them to collect money for any job done. Whenever it is necessary to engage extra hands from outside the University the Department processes their payment.


Do we have to buy a material by ourselves in case a replacement is needed?  No! Maintenance materials are stocked in the University’s central store and if any item is not available the Department liaises either with the Department of Procurement or the Bursary for the purchase.


How do you locate the client if he/she is not available at the time of your visit?  We place a call through the contact number as filled in the job requisition form.


What is the source of your water supply?  Industrial boreholes.


How do you carry out the maintenance of the boreholes?  Flushing is done every two years and other incidental maintenance on the pumps, panels, etc, are carried out as at when due by our technical personnel.


How safe are the boreholes from casual passers-by? The boreholes are located either within a secured wire mesh compound or a small building.


How many hours do the boreholes work daily? About 18 hours


How do you store your water?  We make use of overhead, surface, and underground tanks. The overhead and surface tanks are either steel or plastic, while the underground are tiled concrete


How do you supply water to the buildings? By gravity, from the overhead tanks, through PVC pipes.


What are the capacities of your tanks?  They range from 17,500L to 200,000L.


Do you have an idea of your daily water usage?  Just over one thousand cubic meters


Are you able to meet up with the demand?  Yes, except for those periods when we have power or technical challenges.


What type of water treatment method do you use? Pressure filters.


Where are your water plants located?  The main ones are, beside the Farm house and Victory estate, both in the main campus, and one in Iperu campus. We also have dedicated boreholes in most of the hostels.     


What do I do if I notice a spark in any electrical appliance? Call the emergency number.


Emergency number: 0803 436 4154