It’s as reliable as clockwork. You apply to Babcock, get in, get your degree, then a year or so after graduation, you get your an invitation to give back. It’s never a surprise, but when you’re in the process of repaying loans used for education, buying a house, or starting a family, the idea of giving can feel a bit overwhelming. We understand. But life after your degree doesn’t slow down, it only gets faster. However, you don’t have to give a huge lump sum of cash to have a big impact. Here are few little titbits that might change your mind about giving.

University Rankings

University ranking bodies like NUC and World Report and webometrics factor in overall Alumni Participation (that’s the percent of alumni who give to their alma mater) when they determine university rankings. Which means, even if you give only $5 or N1000 you’re making an impact as you are giving credence to your diploma.

2019 Fund

Your donations are part of a University-wide effort to provide a world-class education to students and give back to Babcock in a sustainable, holistic, and innovative manner. We hope that graduating classes present and future take this opportunity to reinforce the transformative role of education pioneered by the visionary leaders of Babcock


Making A difference

The biggest benefit in giving back is that you’ll know that you are making a difference in the life of today’s Babcock University students. Your support will help students have the Babcock experience of their dreams.

Networking Opportunities

Whether you’re giving your time or money, giving back can open up opportunities to mix and mingle with other alumni making a difference in their perspective fields of expertise.

Volunteering and the gift of time

By offering your time, you’re helping to keep the BU legacy thriving long after graduation. When you offer to host an event, volunteer your expertise on a panel, or support us on campus you have the opportunity to make an impact in real time, and there’s no better feeling.

See? Even by giving a little, you can still have a huge impact on the future of BU. Now goout there and make us proud.

Proud to Belong!


"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." Albert Pike


Imagine the impact if your $100 USD

- saved a life in our community

- helped an indigent student through school

- found a preferred cure for malaria, etc

Here's an opportunity – Babcock University Annual Fund (BUAF)!

Babcock University Annual Fund is an annual giving program for Babcock University alumni and friends. Your annual gift helps keep the university affordable for students, provides opportunities for learning and research, helps the University offer scholarships to needy students etc. Your annual gift also helps to improve Babcock University international ranking and reputation.

Mission Statement

The mission of the BUAF is to build alumni participation through annual gifts to the university. BUAF also strives to offer alumni, students and friends, meaningful opportunities to remain involved in the life of the university.


Scholarships Supporting the university’s scholarship initiatives is the most direct way alumni and friends of the university can make a difference in the lives of our students. Scholarships expand opportunities for undergraduate/postgraduate students by allowing the university to recognize and reward outstanding academic achievement and by helping to open Babcock University doors to students who would otherwise not be able to afford university education.

University Fund

Babcock University will be grateful to receive funds from you to support a wide variety of university programs, special projects, new research initiatives, and individual students. The annual giving is one way to support the University Fund, giving it the agility to respond immediately to areas of greatest need.

Academic Areas (Schools and Colleges) You can support existing instructional programs in any school or college of choice in the University or initiate a new one with the resources to run it. Either way, you are enriching the lives of the students by expanding their opportunities.

Student Activities As a foremost private University in the country, it has the mandate to recreate education in the Nigeria and students' experience. BU is dedicated to creating a comprehensive educational experience for students. It provides opportunities that complement the academic curricula and help students overcome obstacles. It operates many of the programs and services of daily life, including housing, dining, recreation, student organizations, health care, counseling, and career development.

There are several other areas of need. The above list of needs shows examples of the University’s areas of need. You can instruct that your gift be invested on any area of support you desire.

Ways to Give

There are a variety of ways to make a gift to Babcock University.

1. Fund transfer to account: (Zenith Bank): BUAA Endowment - 1012862026

2. Payroll deductions (For those in Babcock Employment)

3. Direct cheque to Babcock University Alumni Association Endowment

4. By Teller. Deposit account: (Zenith Bank): BUAA Endowment - 1012862026

5. Stocks (in favor of Babcock University Alumni Association)

6. Bequests (in favor of Babcock University Alumni Association)

7. Standing Order to your bank

8. Other gifts in kind

For further enquiries

Kindly mail OR call Joshua – 07064637363.


Every gift will be acknowledged (receipt) and appreciated (letter). Thank you

Babcock Alumni … Proud to belong!

BUAF Manager

For Management

Demonstrate your appreciation and loyalty by giving to the BU Annual Fund.

Together, our gifts make a difference!

"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."

- Maya Angelou

**Kindly fill out the attached annual giving form.

The Following Forms are available to be downloaded