About Us.

It's really about YOU!

At Babcock, we create an environment for passionate delivery of programmes and a communication network for connectivity and greater achievement for our alumni.

Our Vision

To be an alumni and students community that is proud of and interested in the life and growth of Babcock University.

Our Mission

An Alumni office that is developing a quality and lasting relationship with our alumni, students and parents which will engender voluntary participation in the life and development of Babcock University.

Our History

Founded in 1962 when the first batch of 7 students graduated with Diplomas from the then Adventist College of West Africa (ACWA). The first lucky graduates with BA in Theology degree emerged in 1966. ACWA metamorphosed into Adventist Seminary of West Africa (ASWA) in 1975; a divinely inspired change to refrain the government from taking over the institution. In 1999, the ultimate change came – Babcock University. In 2003, close to 500 graduates from various disciplines, baked but not burned, were released from Babcock as catalysts in changing the world. Today, Babcock University has churned out more than 15,000 graduates from all testaments of the institution – ACWA, ASWA and Babcock. The now Babcock University Alumni Association (BUAA) was reorganized in 1999 with the aim to deliver the most effective alumni relations program anywhere in higher education.

The Alumni Relations Office is the springboard through which the implementation of a comprehensive and integrated model for developing lifelong relationships with alumni and friends is delivered.