Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance Department aims at keeping Babcock University in the forefront of Schools with high quality academic standards and delivery, and to also ensure that the institution meets up with international standards in areas of services, infrastructure, sanitation, environment, and community health.

Meet the Staff

Nfor Jonas Ngozi Okechukwu


  • Produce codified quality manuals and standards in area of materials for project execution, maintenance, and service delivery (2013-2020)


  1. Have specifications that will provide non-ambiguous information on materials to be used for execution of projects
  2. Have documents that will assess performance of suppliers and project executors
  3. Ensure that the frequency of need to repair and replace is reduced

  • Put in place and monitor policies that will increase effectiveness in the use of the institution’s resources (2014-2020)


  1. Reduce cost of carrying out projects without sacrificing the quality of work
  2. Ensure that available resources execute greater number of projects
  3. Monitor the delivery of all academic programs to ensure quality
  4. Enforce compliance with institutional standards on quality in scholarship standards and administration

  • Evaluate activities with the aim of achieving implementation of policy directives in a unified way so that activities and related resources are managed as a process (2012-2020)


  1. Ensure activities of various development units are synchronized
  2. Prevent duplications in corporate activities
  3. Ensure allocated resources are utilized for the approved purposes
  • Apply the principles and processes to achieve quality certification in specific areas according to International Standards Organization (ISO) and local affiliated organization (e. g. ISO 9000) (2013)


1. Acquire S.O.N., ISO, and other certifications for products and services

  • Effect the implementation of certification of service providers, contractors, suppliers, craftsmen, and artisans as a prerequisite for executing projects for the institution (2013-2020)


  1. Ensure that suppliers, service providers, and contractors are those with requisite qualifications
  2. Guarantee quality service for money spent
  3. Achieve uniformity in service delivery
  • Develop and maintain a culture of assessment to improve student’s academic success (2011-2020)


  1. Ensure quality of all forms of assessments given to students
  2. Evaluate teaching effectiveness and students’ learning outcomes.